Tuddys Beef Jerky Sriracha 250g


THE ULTIMATE SNACK – Great flavour snacking at under 90 calories per 28g serving.

HIGH IN PROTEIN – Each 28g serving contains 11.5g of protein. Protein suppresses cravings for junk food, boosts your metabolism and helps your body repair itself.

GLUTEN FREE – All our jerky is gluten free, in fact, we don’t use any of the 14 major allergens in our products. Dig in!

RICH IN IRON – Iron is the unsung hero for energy levels, immune systems, concentration and sleep quality.

BRITISH & IRISH GRASS-FED BEEF – We only ever use grass fed beef reared in the British and Ireland. Grass fed beef is known to have higher levels of vitamins and antioxidants and Omega-3. We know it tastes better too!




We have teamed up with our friends at Tuddys to offer you some amazing beef jerky.

Sriracha goes with everything, so why not beef jerky? This garlicky, sweet and spicy harmony is something to marvel at.  A little heat with all the taste.


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