Chilli Garlic Droewors Subscription | 1kg

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Droewors Subscription | Chilli Garlic

Chilli Garlic:
Our chilli garlic sticks are flavoured with a melody of mixed spices, Chilli and Garlic seasonings to satisfy all taste buds.

With Smallys Droewors Subscription, you get a whole kilogram of our great Droewors, once a month, delivered straight to your door.


Smally’s Droewors is a traditional South African beef snack, cured in a unique and highly nutritious way.

Droewors is a dried version of the popular South African sausage, boerewors, (a delicious sausage spiced often with coriander seed), of which thinner boerewors sausages are dried to create droewors. The thinner boerewors sausage are usually chosen for drying as they dry more quickly and are far less likely to spoil during the drying process.


  • PREMIUM BEEF – Inspired from South Africa, our Droewors have been created using premium beef which is minced and flavoured in a unique blend of South African spices.
  • HEALTHY, HIGH PROTEIN SNACK – Our Droewors are the perfect snack for all occasions. Whether it’s BBQs, picnics, pre/post workout, or a protein top up throughout the day, these are guaranteed to fill a whole without any feeling of guilt.
  • UNBELIEVABLY TASTY – Created with taste at the forefront of our minds, we have created the perfect blend of a tasty treat, that is also packed with the essential fats, iron, protein and vitamins that your body needs.
  • GREAT FOR ALL OCCASIONS – Lunchbox treat? Snack for the pub? Our handy pouch packaging makes it easy to take these delicious snacks around with you wherever you go.
  • TRUSTED BRAND – Smally’s Biltong was founded in 2015. After returning from two years in Grahamstown, South Africa, the founder fell in love with the beefy snack and set out with the aim to produce the most authentic South African snacks the UK has seen.


The UK's Best Biltong Subscription


200g Beef per 100g finished product, Seasoning Mix – Salt, spices and herbs, cereal WHEATbran GLUTEN, maize, dextrose, flavouring dehydrated vegetable (onion)*, monosodiumglutamate E621, sodium erythorbate, vegetable oil, spice extracts, flavour enhancer E635,preservative potassium sorbate E202 and sodium metabisulphite SULPHITE, BARLEY Vinegar.Allergens: See ingredients in ALL CAPITALS. * Irradiated ingredients.

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